“Opening Day” Fan Photo Hunt: JoeSportsFan’s Results


Yesterday, we posted a Photo Hunt Challenge for St. Louis Cardinals fans at Opening Day.  The challenge included ten objectives.

We received tons of tremendous submissions via email and Twitter and hope to evolve these types of challenges throughout the Cardinals season.  We’ll unveil this session’s winner on Monday, but let’s check in how we did.  We set our personal over/under at 8.5.

1.) Fan attempting to start the wave

Fail. We received a reports from several fans across Busch Stadium that waves were attempted across the upper terrace, but unfortunately, we didn’t see any. Cardinals fans are still in warm-up mode. Wait until a mid-April pitching duel; waves every inning.

2.) Adult man wearing a glove in the bleachers

3.) Fan drinking beer while wearing a tank top

Okay, so he’s not wearing a tank top….but he’s shirtless. We went with “tank top” for this particular contest because we figured no human would go skins in late March.  We were wrong.  Oh, and we’re counting this one.

4.) Couple wearing same personalized jersey

Finding a couple wearing matching Rasmus threads was a big win for us on Thursday.  The odds were definitely on a Pujols his/her combo.

5.) Homeless man playing trumpet/saxophone

Negative.  Frankly, this omission really disappointed our fan hunting staff. We didn’t spend enough time on the street corners.  Lesson learned.

6.) Visible Cardinals-related tattoo

7.) Cardinals fan wearing a St. Louis Blues jersey

8.) Fan wearing jersey of backup catcher (e.g., Laird, LaRue, etc.)

Throughout the day, this objective turned into our personal white whale.

We added over 25 new jerseys for our collection on Thursday.  But no backup catcher in the bunch.  No Laird, Bennett, Girardi or a Jason Larue.  That is, until the 9th inning, when Eli Marrero appeared in front of our doubting eyes.  It was glorious – especially since this sucker was autographed.

9.) Mullet covering name on back of jersey

Our third fail. We saw several mullets on Thursday – which brought a smile to our face. Just like the Clydesdales, mullets are a staple of Opening Day. But we didn’t find any paired with a personalized jersey.

10.) Mustache vendor or concession worker



Those Vegas oddsmakers are good. With the over/under set at 8.5, we were two photos away from reaching our goal.  Not bad, but we hope you didn’t bet the over.

Close, but no cigar.  Sort of like Ryan Franklin’s Thursday.


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