PHOTOS: Last night’s Busch Stadium field rushers…


Can we stop for a minute and collectively admit that not showing the field rushers on network television is not preventing future acts of malfeasance?  Field rushers don’t care about television face-time.  They care about alluding the overweight field security staff…and those guys aren’t going away any time soon.

Besides, the presence of camera phones and portable recording devices inside the stadium have changed the ball game.   Network television is missing out on major pageviews that are otherwise directed to choppy YouTube videos.  On top of that, they should use their resources to help detract field rushers.  Seeing a field rusher get tased in the jugular…in super slo-mo…at various angles on network television…is going to stick in my mind the next time a few 16-ounce Busch tallboys are telling me to jump that rail.

Anyway, enough of this hullabaloo.  You want to see last night’s field rushers don’t you?  Of course you do.  Because our fan hunters are the best in the biz, we were granted high-resolution snaps from last night’s reindeer games.  This series comes to you from Tim Day, whose can be found here.



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