This Magnitude of Redneck Doesn’t Appear at Every All Star Game…


In the endeavors of rummaging through our 2009 All Star Game archives, we nearly passed over one Cardinals fan for the second year in a row.  That’s not good, especially for a fan hunting subject of this magnitude. Trust us; we’re looking into our internal processes and filtering mechanism.

Nevertheless, let’s continue.  We captured this fan at the 2009 All Star Game in St. Louis – shuffling around on Clark St., taking in the atmosphere with thousands of everyday Cardinals fans.  But this was no ordinary man; he was a collective Voltron of redneck magnificence.

The Midsection.  Take a look.

Jean shorts, shirtless, shoulder-blade logo tattoo.

All staples of a Cardinals redneck during summer months.

But, let’s head North.  We can see that there might be some action up there.

Ohhh, the Northern region surpasses our expectations…and then some.

A ponytail *and* a bald head?  That, my friends, is what us professional call a “skullet.”  Rare, even in our neck of the woods.

With the upper region overarching, we’re on the edge of our seats waiting to head South of the border.

Hey-o !!!

Self-supply of liquid?  Yes sir.  This guy brought class *and* preparation to the 2009 All Star Game.


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