The Very Best Jerseys at Winter Warm-up [CARDS]


Around the JoeSportsFan corporate offices, the code name for the Cardinals’ annual Winter Warm-up is “Operation Jersey Hunt“. With Opening Day well over two months away and many current/former players in the building, fans leverage the opportunity to dust off prized personalized jerseys and use their wardrobe as a billboard for self-expression.

There are also plenty of memorabilia options for Cardinals fans looking to beef up their collection of obscurity.

Thus, here were some of our favorites from the 2011 Winter Warm-up.


Dennys Reyes #36

This particular jersey falls under the “memorabilia” category at Winter Warm-up. Particularly, of the game-worn variety. Thus, if you were one of the dozens Dennys Reyes fans in the metropolitan area last season, this puppy is yours for just a shade under $300.

Having trouble finding Reyes’ jersey on the “game-worn” rack? You’ll want to shuffle the others out of the way until you get to the XXL section.  It’s the only one in there.  Mustard stains included.


Jack Clark #22

Who among us didn’t covet Jack Clark’s batting box swagger and impeccable uni-brow growing up?  Thus, our fan hunters were attracted to the following jersey like current-day Jack Clark is attracted to a spray tan discount.

Truth be told, there’s nothing particularly notable about the jersey itself.  We dig the baby blue.   But further inspection revealed Clark’s signature and inclusion of his infamous “RIPPER” nickname.  Jack Clark signs autograph with “RIPPER”?  Just awesome.  Although, these days the only thing he’s ripping through is burnt nose skin.

Epidermis jokes kill in this town.


Mark Mulder #36

Mark Mulder jerseys for sale anywhere are funny, whether it’s at Lambert Airport or the Cardinals’ Winter Warm-up. This particular offering is especially interesting because it’s a game-worn Mulder jersey, featuring the Number 36….not Number 30 – which Mulder wore throughout his four “seasons” with the Cardinals.

Why, you ask? Because this jersey is from the Springfield Cardinals. And why did Mark Mulder ever play for the Springfield Cardinals, despite making nearly $6,000,000 per season? Well, because his left arm was flimsier than wet toilet paper. And you can own a piece of that…for $250.


MA #04

Baffling.  Although, in the realm of creative personalized jerseys we’ve seen throughout Cardinals Nation, this jersey is probably the most tame.  Don’t believe me.  See here, here and here.

Our seasoned fan hunters are going to make several generalization about this woman: “Pa” isn’t far behind, she’s called into the KMOX Cardinals post-game show over 800 times, and she frequently dreams about being whisked away by Michael Landon.  Oh, and she also has four children and an uncountable number of cats.


Rogers Hornsby #4

Rogers Hornsby’s name is plastered along side the likes of Stan Musial, Dizzy Dean and Ozzie Smith in the outfield of Busch Stadium.  Hornsby didn’t have a jersey number because he played for the Cardinals in the early 1900′s, but we have to assume this fan is honoring the Hall of Fame shortstop.

Yet, he’s doing so with an All-Star Game jersey from 2009 and Yadier Molina’s number.  Weird.

The only other option here is that this guy’s last name is “Hornsby” and he’s trying to say that he should have been voted into the 2009 All-Star Game in St. Louis, instead of Yadier Molina.  Either way, an extremely odd choice.


Jason Simontacchi #46

Cardinals fans love using their body as a billboard for allegiance, especially for obscure players and especially at Winter Warm-up where said obscurity may walk through the hallways of the Hyatt Hotel at any minute.

Such was the case for this Jason Simontacchi fan, who won our award for “Most Obscure Cardinals Jersey” of the day. The only thing more obscure would’ve been a nameplate featuring “SIMO-MAN” a la Mike Shannon’s moniker for the early-2000′s hurler.


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