PSA: Stop Tweeting Athletes About Food Preparation


The exits of Tony La Russa and Albert Pujols from daily endeavors in the Cardinals clubhouse has its advantages.  One of those advantages is a looser environment that allows affable team members to shine in the public eye.

It’s been awhile since the Cardinals had a strong cast of young, entertaining and performant players on their roster.  The Cardinals 2012 roster is primed with these types of personalities.  Allen Craig, Daniel Descalso and David Freese, to name a few, fit this mold.  They regularly interact with fans, joke with the media and engage in public forums like Twitter.

Although, this bi-directional communication with the public has its disadvantages.  Case in point: what transpired Wednesday afternoon via Twitter.

We can neither confirm nor deny if @zummy66 chuckled like Dr. Evil after sending the above tweet to the 2011 World Series MVP, but we know one thing: this type of behavior needs to stop.  Sure, David Freese politely responded and provided clarity that the wings at Mulligan’s Grill in Ellisville are actually quite tasty.  But that’s because David Freese is a nice guy.  We’re less courteous.

Let’s all agree; right here, right now.

Notifying any human being, famous athlete or not…after they’ve consumed food that you’ve prepared in a public restaurant…is a little creepy.

On the scale of most egregious Twitter behavior, it’s slightly ahead of asking an athlete for tickets…but below asking an athlete to retweet you on your birthday.  Those people need to not have any more birthdays.



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