Pujols Modification Jersey: 2012 Playoff Edition


Thanks in large part of course to the departure of Albert Pujols, without a doubt this has been The Year of the Modification Jersey. And while many in the mainstream St. Louis sports media have shied away from the controversial topic, Joe Sports Fan has been right there every step of the way, shining a harsh, journalistic light on this all-important issue – most notably here, but also here, here, and yes, even here.

What you’ll notice about most (read: all) of the above Pujols modification jerseys is that the intent is to disparage the former Cardinals slugger by mockingly converting his name and/or number to something involving money, or to simply insert a current player’s name over it; a player that would obviously never, ever leave St. Louis for more money. Ahem, yes, well…moving on then.

However, recently we were presented with a new type of Pujols modification jersey, one that was a little more upbeat and a little less vindictive. The wearer actually took the time to write a pleasant note to Albert and wish him well. Perhaps now that the long season is over, enough time has passed that a few Cardinal fans are finally ready to let bygones be bygones:

We were half expecting to see “Sincerely, Lauren” or some other formal letter closing at the bottom.

Our sources also learned that the fan’s matching warm up jacket was a dissertation on former VP of Player Development Jeff Luhnow’s sabermetrics approach to scouting, but unfortunately she left it in her boyfriend’s Ford F-150.

Perhaps most importantly though, this gives owners of Colby Rasmus jerseys everywhere reason for hope.

And even if you don’t have the time (or magic marker skills) to turn your old Pujols jersey into a nice formal letter, you can always go with tried-and-true duct tape approach.

And just for the record this time, yes, we know who Ron Gant is.


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