Rally Squirrel upstages Skip Schumaker on a piece of cardboard


Yesterday, photos of Skip Schumaker’s new Topps baseball card hit the information superhighway.  The card is notable because it doesn’t feature the Cardinals utility man at all.  Fine, that’s not entirely true.  It features his right leg, from the calf down.

The rest of the card features the infamous Rally Squirrel – which gained notoriety during the Cardinals ’11 postseason run.

The card has taken some serious criticism across baseball (some by Schumaker himself), but we’re indifferent.  On one hand, this is an obvious publicity stunt since Topps has been looking for ways to remain relevant since 1990.  On the other hand, St. Louis no longer owns the most absurd celebration of that damn vermin.

According to Beckett, this particular card will be a “short-print”, making it more valuable for collectors  (i.e., grown men who enjoy hustling kids at trade shows).   Schumaker can find comfort in the fact that the majority of his “full-print” cards will feature his face.

But for now, he has to endure the wrath of the squirrel.  But he’s not the only Cardinals player that was short-changed on a piece of Topps cardboard in their 2012 run.  That’s because the Rally Squirrel wasn’t the only notable pest to squirm across Busch Stadium last year.  Our staff at JoeSportsFan was able to track down the OTHER Cardinals Topps baseball card that will be released in limited quantities.

That’s Lance Berkman’s shoes, in the upper right.  The primary focus is on our infamous bare-footed Busch Stadium Field Rusher.

Now that’s a baseball card.


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