Source: New Cardinals reliever is not the son of fictional television character


The Cardinals didn’t exactly turn the world upside down when they signed journeyman reliever Randy Choate this week at the Winter Meetings in Nashville.  After all, he’s 38-year old lefty and will likely face a a maximum of one batter every time he steps on the field.

Now, the news of this signing resonated around the JoeSportsFan corporate offices.  Why?  Because his last name is the same as one of the finest minor characters in “Seinfeld” history: Mabel Choate.

Clearly, this isn’t coincidental.  They’re related.  Yep, they have to be.  That’s a fact.  The internet makes it easy to inform the masses these days, so we headed out to Wikipedia.  The world deserves to know.  That is, via an open forum where anyone can edit anything.

This Wikipedia update has been live for over 48-hours now.

On the “Bob and TJ Raines Show” this afternoon on 1390 AM, newcomer Randy Choate was asked about this little-known fact.  What transpired is pretty tremendous, causing TJ Raines to tweet the following message.

Boy, what a buzzkill.

Note to Cardinal fans: Randy Choate has a serious character flaw in respecting his lineage.

Anyway, you can listen to audio from their show below.

Download the mp3.



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