Remembering: Grown Men with Gloves at the 2009 All Star Game


As the 2010 All Star Game festivities permeate through Anaheim this week, we’ll be taking a nostalgic stroll through our experiences at the 2009 All Star Game in our fine city of St. Louis, Missouri.  With the Home Run Derby set to take place on Monday night, we remember four distinct words from last year’s event.

Grown. Men. With. Gloves.

Ignoring the fact that any grown man should be able to harness a home run ball with his bare hands, Clark St. behind Busch Stadium is roughly 600 feet away from home plate, but that didn’t stop some grown men from believing that they would be peppered with dizzying array of free souvenirs.

For reference, the longest home run hit at Busch Stadium this year traveled 449 feet (hit by Hunter Pence on 5/13/10) and it landed about 10-rows up in the left field bleachers.

Mark McGwire longest home run in the old Busch Stadium traveled 545 feet on May 16, 1998…which would still need some extra juice to reach Clark St.


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