Remembering: Royals Fan Sporting Personalized “DENKINGER” Jersey


This past weekend, the Kansas City Royals played host to the Cardinals. The weekend didn’t *quite* go as planned for Cardinals fans, but we’re guessing already know that since every college friend, family member and/or local idiot with Kansas City ties has been haphazardly shooting their mouth off since Sunday night. Grrr.

While the Cardinals don’t play the Royals in St. Louis this year, we thought it was appropriate to pull a photo from our fan hunting archives from last year’s Cardinals/Royals series at Busch Stadium.


Truth be told, as we step back from our St. Louis allegiance and usual personalized jersey abhorrence, we must concede that this jersey is moderately entertaining.

This guy took a step outside the box and got creative. We appreciate that, if ever so slightly.

At the very least, this guy’s creativity is more than we can say about the idiot Cardinals fan standing to his right, who went the traditional “I’m a crazy guy with crazy hair on my crazy head!! Look at me!!” route.


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