Remembering: The Other Ozzie


When word trickled out that Jose Canseco was going through with his latest publicity stunt by becoming the player-manager of the independent Yuma Scorpions, it was shrugged off by most as just another desperate attempt by Jose to get just a small taste of the spotlight. But upon hearing that his twin brother Ozzie Canseco will be the Scorpions bench coach, it hit a little closer to home for Cardinals fans. 

What’s that? You didn’t know that Ozzie Canseco played over 60% of his Major League games with the St. Louis Cardinals? Sure that was a grand total of 15 games over two years, but still, shame on you, Best Fans in Baseball. 

Okay, so we’ll concede that Ozzie wasn’t exactly a “hot” prospect in the Cardinal’s farm system, but he did qualify as a semi-productive one for a brief time…

And then, like a shooting star, just as quickly as he blazed a path across Cardinals Nation, he disappeared.  And by disappeared, I mean he quit in the middle of the 1993 season because the Major League team wouldn’t hand him a job… 

With Ozzie’s abrupt and short-lived retirement, the Cardinals’ brush with the great Canseco family was all but over. And with it, any chance that Mark McGwire could pose for the St. Louis version of the Bash Brothers poster

Good luck in Yuma, Ozzie.  If you’re time in this town told us anything, it’s that you’ll need it.


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