Report: Canadians familiar with “scrappy” and Stubby Clapp hyperbole


As we eagerly anticipate future Cardinals grittiness in players like Ryan Theriot, Brendan Ryan, and Skip Schumaker, it’s important to remember those that have scrapped before us.

Stubby Clapp is a godfather of grit in St. Louis and he made national headlines on Thursday.  Well, Canadian national headlines, that’s is.

Canada’s major news empire, the CBC, proudly informed their readership that Stubby Clapp, a Canadian, has been promoted to manager of the short-season single-A Tri-City ValleyCats.  It’s apparently part of the Houston Astros organization.

A “short-season single-A” team named the “ValleyCats”.

Oh, it just sounds scrappy.

And, of course, the major news items here is that the word “scrappy” was used within the first 10 words of the column.  Congratulations, Canada.  Paired with your wonderful Elisha Cuthbert contribution, you’ve found two ways to my heart.

We think the “most popular Canadian athlete of all time” might be a bit much, though.  Sure, Stubby played in the 2004 Olympic Games for the Canadian National Team.  And yes, he’s just so gosh darn adorable, but “most popular”.

Wayne Gretzky, Gordie Howe, Mario Lemieux?

Fine, you want baseball?

Jason Bay, Joey Votto and former Cardinal Larry Walker.

And let’s be honest, here.  Joe Carter is as American an apple pie, but he’s more popular in Canada than Stubby Clapp.



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