Cardinals bullpen coach, Derek Lilliquist, looks familiar.


The Cardinals first big acquisition this past off-season wasn’t another retread pitcher or journeyman middle infielder.  It was bullpen coach Derek Lilliquist, who pitched in the Major Leagues for seven seasons in the early 90′s.

The news didn’t send shockwaves through Cardinals Nation.  After all, he’s a bullpen coach.  His core responsibilities include picking up the phone and making sure the tobacco inventory is stocked up for road trips.

But it was notable for us because he was hired with some high quality upper lip fur.

That’s great stuff, there.

Best blonde Cardinals mustache of all-time?  Any reasonable Cardinals fan would have to include Tommy Herr and Craig Paquette in that discussion, but it’s neither here nor there.

The big news here is that Lilliquist came to camp this Spring with a full goatee and what our friends over at the American Mustache Institute call, “The Spousal Compromise”.

This observation may indicate a greater weakness about the Cardinals’ new bullpen coach, but most importantly, the goatee turned Lilliquist into a McGwire clone.


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  • Hank Guck says:

    Good for you Derek !!! George told me about you.Rememder Little League, my cooking and lots of good times??????

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