Sign Guy Makes Appearance at Wrigley Field. Duh.


We had multiple Cardinals fans text us from Chicago this weekend, verifying Sign Guy’s annual self-indulgence at Wrigley Field. While pictures of him holding snappy signs are aplenty, we thought it would be more interesting to share some photos of Sign Guy outside of his usual Wrigley Field bleacher habitat.

Some observations:

1.) It appears that Sign Guy is holding a purse. Frankly, even if Sign Guy carries a purse, it would be the least abhorrent aspect of any picture he’s in.

2.) Sign Guy has a special personalized jersey for his escapades at Wrigley Field. Money well spent.

3.) And yes, said jersey gets updated every year with a new number. You know, because Steve Bartman jokes are still wickedly hilarious 7 years after the fact.

4.) We’re guessing Sign Guy parked in this particular lot/spot because of the little gate. Crowd control. If you want to take to God’s gift to Cardinal Nation, you do so on the other side of the gate, dammit. When you’re this famous, it’s all about crowd control.

And, as as added bonus, a photo of Sign Guy’s automobile….

Looks to be a diehard Missouri State fan as well.

I’m sure they’re proud of his unparalleled poster board rhyming abilities.



  • Bill Rudwicki says:

    Is this goober a Cards fan or a Cubs hater? I honestly think their is a big difference. Inhabitants of SL don’t root for the Cards, they just hate the fact that Chicago is a great city and has much more to offer than SL. BTW, thanks for showing his vehicle, it will be the first car I slash the tires on next time I see it. Also, DA Bears is in relation to the CHICAGO Bears, not a glorified high school called Missouri State (is that even a school?)..

  • mattsebek says:

    Bill, I understand the “Da Bears” reference, but since it’s a Missouri State license plate, I assumed that was the overriding tie-in.

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