Skip Schumaker Memorabilia Battle: BFIB vs. Trading Card Sharks


It’s a rare occasion when the BFIB are outgunned in a demonstration of fanaticism that revolves around someone wearing the Birds on the Bat.  We are after all, the Best Fans in Baseball.  If you don’t believe it, just ask one of us. 

But there comes a time when another obsession takes center stage – the time was last night and the obsession was baseball card collecting. 

With impressionable kids squeezed out of the trading card picture by skyrocketing prices and the sinister removal of gum as a free bonus in each pack, interest in collecting cards has been left to the only those who view it as a rogue, sports version of Wall Street.  Find a unique card of value and snatch it up with the promise of future wealth. 

Take last night’s subject.  Cardinals fans know Skip Schumaker as a scrappy reserve who possesses a gritty name and a dirty uniform to match it.  He is the type of guy who receives a standing ovation after his first Major League at bat despite it ending with a three-pitch strikeout.  When Skip’s autograph comes up for sale inked on a special edition 2011 World Series ball, what does it pull on the open market?

Buy it now for $60:

So when the same name appears on a Topps 2012 baseball card that neither possesses Skip Schumaker’s face or signature, rather a photo of the rally squirrel dancing across home plate, it can’t possibly be worth more to Cardinals fans than an autographed ball, right?  The squirrel didn’t autograph it and you can find thousands of better pictures of rodents with a simple Google image search.  Considering the price of a standard baseball card these days, this baby probably won’t get to $1.50.

That is until it takes on the mythical status in Beckett price guide.  Screw the “Buy it now” price, this puppy is going to auction:

Sorry, Skip. It turns out that when you’re replaced by a squirrel on your baseball card it becomes three times more valuable than your autograph. But hey, ask Billy Ripken if it’s a bad thing to be etched in trading card lore. 

The baseball card minions can have their piece of cardboard. The BFIB are still with you.

That is until the rally squirrel pinch hits for you and crashes head first into 1B in a cloud of dust.  Then you might be in trouble.


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