Skip Schumaker’s Number Stolen By Shaggy Haired Rocker


End of the summer.  Weather is starting to get a little chilly as the pennant race heats up. It’s prime time for the fans at Busch to demonstrate their never-ending support for the color that defines St. Louis. 

Just in case you were confused, we’re not talking about the Cardinals.  We’re talking about Sammy Hagar, guys.  The Red Rocker. 

Sure, the Cardinals are in the middle of a battle to hold off the surging LA Dodgers that could come down to the last day of the season.  And, yes, the baseball team happens to wear red too, but this is Hagar’s town, baby.  And, over the weekend, our fan hunters spotted three gleaming examples of our fan bases’ love for the tequila-peddling, one time successor-in-interest to David Lee Roth:

Is there a reason for the spike in Hagar jerseys this weekend?  Not that we can tell. It makes about as much sense as the guy in the photo above carrying around an oxygen tank while taking drags off a heater (confirmed, by the way). 

All we can think about is Skip Schumaker.  Oh, to be in Skip’s shoes. 

You’ve worn #55 for the past seven years, logged over 800 games wearing the uniform and, despite your contributions to a team that is one game away from clinching yet another postseason birth, Cardinals fans are slapping your number on jerseys that are assembled to demonstrate their passion for the lead singer of a band called Chickenfoot.
And why Skip’s number? Because when Sammy drives, he just can’t stay within a speed limit that no longer exists on Missouri highways.  Timely.

All that said, you’ve got to admire the dedication of these fans who fork over enough cash to purchase an OFFICIAL Cardinals jersey.  Even Sammy Hagar himself won’t do that.


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