The St. Louis sports weekend, in pictures…


It’s Monday morning.  Your brain is likely saturated with malted hops and your upper intestine is probably playing hooky after a restless night of attempting to digest yesterday’s appetizer that contained enough buffalo sauce to kill a pony.

Thus, we’re going to take it easy on you.  No stats or hardcore analysis.  Just a weekend analysis comprised entirely of photos.

And some sarcastic banter.  Of course.

Let’s do this.

We start with the Rams and a bit of history was made in yesterday’s game at Detroit as Shannon Eastin became the first female official to don referee stripes in an NFL game.  The acclaim was subdued, largely since Eastin is a (scab) replacement ref just like her male counterparts.  Nevertheless, a hilarious moment occurred in the post-game when former teammates Cortland Finnegan and Stephen Tulloch found each other and engaged in some lighthearted rabble rousing.  Eastin took the bait and tried to break it up – which led to this amazing AP photo.

Awww.  So cute.


For years now, we’ve been supporters of the NFL banning white pants.  Sure, they look sharp at kickoff.  But after ten minutes or so, they’re drenched in sweat.  It doesn’t take a fabric specialist to know that “white pants + liquid = embarrassment”, especially for linemen that are already challenging the tension strength of their entire uniform.

We’re also a bit confused with Nike, Bike or any other undergarment company ending in “-ike” hasn’t invented a thong-style jock strap for white pants athletes.  Sure, it’s a little emasculating and it’s probably not going to be as comfortable as a traditional jock, but it would avoid moments like this.

And that’s a good thing for everyone.

A definitive bright spot in the Rams 27-23 loss to Detroit on Sunday was the emergence of rookie K Greg Zuerlein, who was 2/2 in extra points and 3/3 in FG attempts, including 48-yarder in the 1Q.

Like his predecessor, Jeff “Money” Wilkins, Zuerlein has a fantastic nickname.  Teammates call him “The Leg”.  With the Rams circling marketing efforts around Jeff Fisher’s mustache, is it time to start conceptualizing a “Zuerlein Leg” promotional giveaway?  Or would that be considered a stadium weapon?


And speaking of promotions, the Rams are missing a dynamite opportunity to get RB Isaiah Pead and WR Brian Quick involved in a commercial break sponsorship.


On Sunday, the Rams met up against former head coach Scott Linehan, who is currently serving as the Lions’ offensive coordinator.  He’s had varying degrees of success in Detroit, but sometimes life is more about on-field accomplishments.


Undoubtedly, one of the best things about watching Rams games is trying to spot 101ESPN “analyst” (and former Rams employee) Tony Softli.  We caught him on the sideline as the 4Q was winding down.

He’s talking to, well, actually we have no clue.  He has a microphone, but there are no camera crews in sight.  He’s like Kramer after obtaining Merv Griffin’s talk show set; no real purpose other than the misconstrued one inside his head.


The Post-Dispatch is a fan of headline puns.  We know this.

But we’ve never seen a headline pun lacking so much description that it needed to explained in the subsequent column excerpt.


Energy around Mizzou’s first game in the SEC was big in St. Louis.  Unlike many local fans, this Cardinal fan didn’t make the trek to Columbia, MO on Saturday, but still donned a tiger tail in support.

Wait, that’s real?  Never mind.


At Mizzou, fans were out in full force.  In fact, given that SEC school travel well, many Georgia fans were hanging out in Columbia, MO.

It made it really tough to tell what team some fans were supporting.  Case in point: this guy.  He’s either supporting Mizzou or bear claw pastries.  Tough to tell.


Vladimir Tarasenko was drafted 16th overall in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft by the St. Louis Blues.   He is largely considered one of the best Russian prospects to enter the NHL since Alex Ovechkin.  Blues fans are (read: were) excited for Tarasenko’s career to blossom in St. Louis this season.  That is, if it wasn’t for that pesky lockout situation.

But that hasn’t stopped the Blues from hosting a Tarasenko press conference, selling gear and offering ticket packages around their young star…in the week before the lockout hits.  Hey, strike while you can, eh?  Frankly, we’re still wondering why the Blues casted Matt Damon for this advertising campaign.


Internet polls are terrible.  Would you say you completed agree or completely disagree with that statement?  Or neither?

In all seriousness, the poll below from is atrocious.

Oh, you mean you DON’T have to actually walk through the Arch to get to California?  Well, screw that stupid monument.  And nice choices, CBS.  I think we can all agree that the Grand Canyon pretty much rocks (+2 blogging points, mineral pun).  So let’s put it up against other lesser-known monuments to prove how much better it is.  That like asking, “Which kitchen appliance do you prefer: the microwave or a spatula?”  Silly.  Hold your head high, Arch.  You too, spatulas.


Rawlings Sports has been a tremendous local supporter of our weekly podcast.  In our final push to get our Kickstarter campaign funded, they gave away a customized glove to one lucky JSF supporter.  We received photos of the mitt this past weekend, and oh, she’s a beauty.

Something tells me this guy is going to be jea-lous.

Congrats to Doug for his continued support.


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  • Craig Young says:

    I can picture the animal guy from Seinfeld: “Where are the cameras?”

    seriously, is there a better game to play on Sundays when the Rams are getting blown out than “Spot Softli”???

    one more Softli nugget. I read in the paper over the weekend he was Rams director of personnel in 2006-2007. so wait, please tell Softli is responsible for drafting Brian Leonard, Ty Hill, and Joe Klopfenstein with premium picks?!?!? like his twitter feed, you simply cannot make this stuff up!

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