St. Louis Cardinals unveil new caps on Monday morning…


On Friday afternoon, the Cardinals added another familiar face to new manager Mike Matheny’s staff.   John Mabry was announced as the team’s new assistant hitting coach just four years after retiring from baseball in 2007.

With local familiarity surrounding Mabry’s name, the Cardinals used the signing as an opportunity to teach their respective fan base that “assistant hitting coach” is a real position in the Major Leagues.  Primary responsibilities include shagging batting practice balls, teaching people the advantages of digital footage over VHS and couriering pre-game “protein” shakes to Mark McGwire.

Most importantly, the signing means that Mike Matheny will have his hunting buddy nearby throughout the course of the season…and not just a tree-stand in December.  And with that reunion, the Cardinals have separated themselves from La Russa’s animal-friendly mentality and have positioned their product for a new demographic of rifle-yielding outdoorsmen and many new merchandise opportunities.

As speculated, the Cardinals released their new Sunday baseball caps on Monday morning.

Not a bad look, Mr. Holliday.

And while the inner fur has a cozy touch in the middle of December, one has to wonder how these puppies hold up in the middle of July.



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