’s Sports Headline Writers are Primed for the Regular Season


After the first regular season game, Albert Pujols is averaging two HRs per game.  An astounding pace, even for the big fella.  But he’s not the only local competitor excelling in their field.  Early into the 2010 campaign, the sports headline writers at already have two snappy column titles under their belt.

One game, two headlines that contain some sort of pun or play-on-words around “Cardinals”.  It’s pretty impressive, folks.

First up: “Flying Start for Cards”…

Get it?  Cardinals?  Bird….Fly?  These guys are good.

Next up: “Let’s See What’s In The Cards”…

Ah, magic.  Cards, as in “playing cards”.  I hear ya.

I bet if I turn over this “hand of Cards”, I’ll have some sort of….

…yep, there it is.  An “ace”….tucked in that sub-header.  Extra snappiness points for’s headline writer.



  • TPick says:

    Dude, I don’t know what you’re “chirping” about. That was a great “opening” line for the year. At least the didn’t “lay an egg” yesterday. I would hate for the year to “hatch” like that. 2010 is the year we “swoop” down and snatch up the trophy again. The rest of the Central will have “white shit with little berries” all over it’s face.

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