The best pics of the first-half of the 2012 season.


The first half of the 2012 regular season is complete.  After a few days off during the All Star Break, the Cardinals pick back up in Cincinnati on Friday – which should open up an onslaught of entertaining absurdity following the Dusty Baker/Tony La Russa quote fight last week.

But, no so fast.  We’re not moving on to new absurdities before conducting a retrospective on some of old ones.


Spring Training is a time for roster experiments and talent evaluation.  This ambiguity led to a minor snafu in the Fox Sports Midwest production truck.  Although, given the injuries that the Cardinals have endured this season and the Minor League players that have seen Major League time, this graphic was actual a decent prognostication.


Spring Training also kicked off the phenomenon of modified PUJOLS jerseys.  Don’t believe us?  Check here, here and here.  This was one of our favorites because it was uniquely innocent (read: kids are funny and more appealing than some meathead turning his PUJOLS jersey into an ASSJOLES jersey).


We experienced an underpants, um, “issue” early last season and 2012 started no different.

In the Cardinals first broadcast of the season against the Marlins, the ESPN camera caught Rafael Furcal with his pants down behind new manager Mike Matheny.  Matheny is a good-looking dude, but we found it highly inappropriate.


April 5th.  That’s the day the following poll was published in Chicago.

We’re not sure if it’s mathematically possible, but 0% seemed a little high here.


We saw a few field rushers at Busch Stadium last season, but this season one gentleman raised the bar (or lowered it, depending on your preference for public nudity).  The chase ended with the perpetrator heading to jail and banned from Busch Stadium, but he didn’t escape without having a few choice photos (and video) taken.

Our favorite part about this scene: his Hakuna Matata tattoo (which means “no worries”; thanks “Lion King”).


We’re not sure what was going on with Matt Holliday here.

Our guess is either he’s dressing like a ninja to combat injuries or Lance Lynn had nachos the night before.  Tough call.


Last season, we captured quite the rat tail at Busch Stadium.  That’s located on the left, below.

We challenged our fan hunters to find one better.  It only took them a few month into the ’12 season to up the ante.  They’re the best in the biz.


We construct quite a few Photoshop cartoons over the course of a season.

Our favorite (thus far) is probably the one below.  Yadi likes his hoagies.


Struck by knee injuries, Lance Berkman has only seen 49 plate appearance in 2012.  As a person, he still exists as one of the most popular players on the roster.  Why?  Because he’s an affable dude that most fans can imagine throwing back a beer or two with while playing some washers in the backyard.

He earned even more man points in May, when ESPN panned through the Cardinals dugout and found Lance Berkman sporting a Pabst Blue Ribbon t-shirt.


Cardinals tattoos are extremely popular in St. Louis.  Showing them off is part of the responsibility when you brand yourself with ink, apparently.  For arm tats, this typically involves a sleeveless or cutoff t-shirt, demonstrated by the gentleman on the left.

We were fascinated by the man on the right, which took a slightly different approach; only one sleeve removed to reveal a tattoo.  And what a tattoo it is; STL insignia flanked by ink (permanent, that is) autographs of Tony La Russa and Darryl Kile.


Chris Carpenter’s season ended a few weeks ago.  He finished the year with a 0.00 ERA, which matches his career best in 2003.  Oh, we kid, we kid.

We wished him a happy (and safe) off-season.


We captured the man below at the Cardinals Winter Warmup in 2010.  Three years later, it’s nice to know that he’s still rocking the same STL haircut.

That takes effort and dedication.  And a high degree of strange.


People love to send us photos of fan jerseys.  It’s almost become a contest to have the most random or obscene jersey at Busch Stadium.  Below might be our favorite submission that we’ve received thus far.

VANDELAY #7.  Brilliant.


We end with Alice Cooper wearing a Cardinals jersey in late June.

The birds on the bat haven’t been this threatened by eye shadow since Jim Edmonds retired.




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