The Cardinals Caravan = Tony LaRussa’s Nightmare [CARDS]


If Matt Sebek didn’t wet your appetite for Cardinals offseason events with a preview of the Winter Warmup autograph lineup, then perhaps you’ve been saving your time and money to splurge when the Cardinals Caravan comes to your town. It sets sail on January 14 and runs through three states and 19 cities to bring fans all across the Midwest a taste of the team they’ve been missing these last few months.

Just don’t bank on Tony LaRussa showing up.

For as much joy as he derives out of fiddling with lineups, we’re guessing he had nothing to do with putting this one together. 19 active players will make the trip in various caravans but there is not a veteran in sight to show these kids how a hardened pro takes photos and signs autographs.

The most experienced veteran of this group representing the franchise? Colby Rasmus. Others include David Freese, Jon Jay, Daniel Descalso, Mitchell Boggs and minor leaguers such as Shelby Miller, Pete Kozma, Lance Lynn and Matt Carpenter.  No Aaron Miles.  No Ryan Theriot.  No Skip Schumaker.

And to make matters worse for LaRussa, amongst the Cardinals “old-timers” that will be in attendance are favorites such as Jack Clark, Steve Kline and, his most beloved ex-player, Kerry Robinson.

Young players, frustrating former minions, media members not afraid to call him out on television…let’s just say that when the Caravans head out, Tony will be at home enjoying a glass of Pinot Noir and reading the newest copy of his favorite mag.

Enjoy the ride, jerks.

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