The Cardinals have an affinity for “Eastbound and Down”


Every now and then, MLB integrates graphical advertisement into their online game schedules.  They’re usually inconsequential, but we couldn’t help chuckle at the recent embedded marketing for HBO’s “Eastbound and Down” on the St. Louis Cardinals’ September schedule.

Hey, don’t say MLB doesn’t know their fans.

It’s perfectly reasonable to think that a Cardinals fan will tune into the KSDK on Sunday….watch the Cardinals play the Cubs….then flip over to HBO to watch “Eastbound and Down” – starring Kenny Powers, a defunct ballplayer teaching physical education in Shelby, North Carolina.

After all, Kenny’s character embodies every 45-year old man who likes recreational softball a little too much.  And sweet fancy Moses, St. Louis likes their adult softball.  Hell, we even built a damn softball field next to Busch Stadium.

But, above all else, we’re pretty sure *the* Kenny Powers has made an appearance at Busch Stadium before.  We traveled into the depths our fan photos archive and found him.

There he is.  Told ya.

A little plump compared to his current form….and we still utterly baffled about the half-beard, but it’s definitely Kenny Powers.


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