The Chicago Cubs Won a Fake World Series


Yesterday, we told you about some “controversy” regarding 2k Sports’ MLB video game, which is released today.

Today, their industry rival (MLB 12: The Show) raised the ante with the commercial below.

First and foremost, what a tremendous concept.

It’s a fantastic commercial that was wonderfully shot.

Now, it’s time to pry open this oyster.

1.) This is the first Chicago fan they show celebrating…

While we’re sure that there was an abundance of Chicago natives involved to pull off this production, it’s clear that the casting director relied on the same stereotypes that we would have when looking for a “Chicago Cubs fan”. Namely, a large, loud, mustached white dude that looks like an extra from SNL’s “Super Fans“.

We all but guarantee this guy is wearing zubaz and accidentally flung some sort of salted, cured meat across the room as he raised his arms in jubilation.

2.) Fake riots ensue…

It must have been fun to receive rioting permission from a production staff.

The oddest thing about the “fake celebration/riot” footage below is that is comes from “Chopper 4″ – which is apparently flying about 20 feet above the street. Quick, someone try to hit it with a can of Old Style!!

3.) Aw, they found Steve Bartman…

Poor Bartman; still not included in the city-wide celebration. Even when it’s fake.

When Sony finally makes a “Grand Theft Auto: Chicago”, someone scale this building, find Bartman and give him a damn hug.

4.) Somewhere, this t-shirt exists…

Other than some crazed lunatics and a Chicago few backdrops, there weren’t many props needed to pull off this commercial. That is, other than the t-shirt below – which is accurate down to the “2012″ year printed on the front. It was a key element of the commercial, but frankly, we’re wondering what happened to the shirt. Someone must has it.

How long before said owner realizes its silliness and throws in up on eBay?

First week of May?

5.) Hmm, we don’t remember that…

The commercial ends with a montage of simulated events that happened during last year’s MLB season. David Freese’s epic Game 6 HR against the Texas Rangers is strongly featured.

We remember him celebrating while rounding first base, but we don’t remember him executing a Karate Kid crane kick.

Guess we’ll have to go back and watch Game 6.


We can do that because, you know, that game actually happened.



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