The Clearance Rack: Is Nordstrom Trying to Help Sign Pujols?


After his monster weekend, two things reappeared for Albert Pujols fans.

1.) acknowledgement of the way he can carry the team’s offense almost single-handedly
2.) anxiety of what might happen if he heads out of town

Both of those conflicting elements had been put to the side for a few weeks when his most notable accomplishment was the freakish number of double plays he’s hit into.

But fear not, Cardinals faithful.  We’re pretty sure that we’ve found yet another local store that is pitching in on the effort to convince Albert to stay in St. Louis through the end of his career.  First it was selling metal signs with the profits going to Pujols Family Foundation.

And now it appears to be Nordstrom, of all places, selling regular Cardinals logo t-shirts to help the cause.  At least that’s what I assume they’re doing from looking at the price tag…

Wait?  So you mean to tell me that they’re not donating $50 of that to help re-sign Pujols?  They’re actually just charging $68 for a regular t-shirt featuring a team logo?! Are we sure Stan Musial’s eyelashes weren’t mixed into the cotton causing the price on this puppy to flirt with triple digits?

To each is own when it comes to dough spent to look sharp at the games.  Just know that if I’ve got $70 burning a hole in my pocket, I’m logging onto eBay and getting me one of these.

Sorry, Nordstrom, step up your game and start offering Whitey’s satin jacket for $68 and you’ve got a customer.


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