The Curse of Alive Magazine’s “Hot List”?


Most sports fans are familiar with the infamous “Madden Curse“; an immediate damnation that is bestowed upon an NFL player that graces the cover of John Madden’s popular video game series.  There’s also the “Sports Illustrated Jinx” – which all but guarantees failure for teams that appear on the cover of the magazine.

Locally, we’re keeping an eye on the hex of Alive Magazine’s annual “Hot List” – which typically features a local athlete on the cover because, let’s face it, regular metro citizens are nothing to look at.  I mean, seriously people (Jerry Seinfeld voice)…have you BEEN to the Driver License Bureau lately?  It’s a leper colony down there.

Anyway, this from Alive Magazine’s June 2010 cover…

The magazine was released on June 1st, 2010.  Four days later, David Freese was put on the 15-day DL after bruising a bone in his right ankle.  Then, during a rehab workout, Freese dropped a weight on his left-foot – at which point, he thought, “Eh, might as well have season-ending ankle surgery.”

Was it because Alive Magazine thought he was “hot”?  Who the hell knows, but Terry Pendleton and Gary Gaetti never had these types of issues.

Nevertheless, we’re starting to actually wonder if this “Alive Magazine” curse has legs because look who appeared on the cover of this year’s “Hot List” – which was released last week.

That’s right.

Matt Holliday.

The Matt Holliday, who is headed back to the DL after his quad decided to flair up over the weekend.  Damn you, Alive Magazine.  Note to your editors: Ryan Franklin is TOTALLY hot.  2012 candidate.  Book it.



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