The David **Freese** Headline **Hot** List


David Freese is from St. Louis and attended Lafayette High School.  He also plays 3B for the Cardinals and is extremely endearing.  These attributes roll up into him a perfectly-assembled specimen for the local media.  He’s like a baseball-playing Voltron.

On top of those facts, his last name is verb homonym.  Thus, whenever Freese does anything on the diamond, local headline artists are presented with an opportunity to pun it up.  Freese’s 4 RBI’s in Wednesday night’s 5-3 victory over the Phillies in the NLDS was no different.

Let’s take a stroll around the information superhighway and see who was the duke of the double entendre.

#6: Fox Sports Midwest

Using a Batman pun, FS Midwest went as simple and as uncreative as humanly-possible.  So really, business as usual over at FS Midwest corporate offices.  The only time they extend the bounds of innovation when home tanning solutions are involved.


#5: Yahoo! Sports

Yahoo went nearly as uncreative as FS Midwest with “Freese Frame”.  The headline itself is decent, but we would have preferred a more-meaningful complementary photo.  As in, a “freeze frame” that tells a story all by itself, such as Freese hitting the home run, not celebrating the homr run.  And we’re definitely deducting points for coupling the headline with a photo of Freese’s jersey to forcefully explain their pun.  Lame.


#4: threw their hat into the ring with a “Deep Freese” headline this morning.  This might be the first time we’ve seen Freese’s name used as a noun.  We like it, but it might be a little premature.  Sending an first-round playoff series to a Game 5 in Philadelphia isn’t exactly sending the Phillies into a state of inertia.  Much more fitting for an actual elimination game.


#3: The Philadelphia Inquirer

Let’s head over to the opponent’s coverage of the game last night. slides into our top three with “Freese ices Phils” – which is decent.  Temperature references kill.  Now, if they went with, “Phreese ices Phils”, it would have been hard to keep them out of our top spot.



The St. Louis Post-Dispatch usually leads the charge in local snappy headlines.  Today, they come in at a solid #2.  Like the Philadelphia Inquirer, the P-D went with a temperature joke, but they added an element of irony to their pun.



Our favorite comes from the Cardinals’ MLB-sanctioned website,  They thought outside the bounds of the traditional play-on-words and went with a classic metaphor using Freese’s first name.



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