The first Albert Pujols Angels card is the 2nd most ridiculous thing you’ll see here.


The first official baseball card of Albert Pujols wearing his Los Angeles Angels uniform has been leaked to the Internets.  Well, we should clarify that.  He’s not wearing *his* uniform, unless of course the Angels staged a game (against Kansas City) and had Pujols catch a few balls at first base.

Given that the aforementioned is false, we’re guessing that the card shown above is Photoshopped.  Shocking and a little disappointing, we know.  It’s a little like finding out that Steve Savard isn’t a cyborg.

Yet, in this obsessive culture of being FIRST! at everything, fictional baseball cards are just a part of the industry.  But we say, if you’re going to be completely ridiculous with creating events that never happened, you might as well go completely off the reservation.

Rally Mongey.

If the Angels start selling Pujols Rally Mongeys, we may have to start rooting for #5 in a Los Angeles jersey.  Or, at the very least, for him not to rupture an achilles during Spring Training.

Let’s start there.



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