The Highest and Lowest of Cardinals Fan Jerseys


This season, Cardinals fans saw some hefty numbers on the backs of their home team’s uniforms.  The topic was interesting enough that local Cardinals blogger,, researched what Tony La Russa lineup produced the highest (and lowest) uniform-number total.

Fungoes found that La Russa’s September 9th lineup against the Atlanta Braves produced a uniform-number sum of 283.  That lineup featured Molina (#4), Pujols (#5), Schumaker (#55), Feliz (#77), Ryan (#13), Rasmus (#28), Winn (#44) and Wainwright (#50).

Conversely, Fungoes discovered the Cardinals lineup that produced the lowest sum.  Fascinating stuff.

We decided to parlay this topic into our sweet spot.

Fan jerseys.

Thus, we scoured our esteemed collection of fan pictures to discover the highest and lowest numbers we’ve caught on camera.


Sure, there were some high numbers on the Cardinals roster this season…but we can do better than the numbers/players available for Tony La Russa’s lineup card.

For a big number, we resort to a big person.

This may effect our street-cred, but we have no idea what this jersey means.  The “Old School” makes sense when paired with the powder blue Cardinals threads, but “589″?

Frankly, the only thing more outlandish than me passing up an obvious weight joke is #589′s buddy sporting a Montreal Expos lid.  But hey, they’re old school.


We have plenty of #1 Cardinals jerseys in our collection: Ozzie Smith, Gary Templeton and, simply put, DAD.  We’ve also gone sub-one with our infamous LA RUSSA .093 jersey.

But we can do better.

Zero.  Double zero, in fact.

Anyone have a jersey that is lower than 0?  Is that even possible?  A negative jersey number would be a first, even for my distinguished collection of fan photos.

Heck, if you have a jersey number that is HIGHER than #589….or lower than #00, we want to see it.  Contact information located below.  Don’t be scared.  I don’t bite.


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