The Infamous “Zambrano Mows My Lawn” Ordeal, One Year Later


One year ago today, we posted the infamous picture of a St. Louis Cardinals fan wearing a “Zambrano Mows My Lawn” t-shirt over at

Although we did not create and/or endorse the product (legal/death threats implications mediated), the photo inspired a plethora of angry comments here on and upset quite a few people in The Windy City.

Nevertheless, with Mr. Zambrano sentenced to the Cubs bullpen and hinging on ultimately irrelevancy, we wandered over to Google to gauge the digital significance of “Zambrano Mows My Lawn”…. 365 days later.



The #1 Google suggestion is “Zambrano Mows”…..followed by “Zambrano Mows My Lawn”.  We’ll go ahead and take responsibility for #2, there…but #1 is a toss up.  The general public might not *necessarily* be searching for Zambrano lawn care activities.

They could be searching for “Zambrano Mows Through Pirates Lineup”….or “Zambrano Mows Down a Live Chicken in the Clubhouse”.


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