Meet the newest Cardinals marketing gimmick, The Infield Fly.


The St. Louis Cardinals rarely shy away from an easy promotional opportunity.  They saw the social (and financial) residuals from the success of the Rally Squirrel in 2011′s playoff push and although the Cardinals only had one postseason game under their belt in 2012, the organization found their cash cow.

To be honest, we’re not sure that the Cardinals need any puntastic gimmick in the first place.  They could slap the “STL” insignia on a stuffed piece of plush poop and it would sell out in the Team Store.

Get your hands on an Infield Fly today; the fad is sure to be buzzing around St. Louis soon.

Insect puns.  The people love ‘em.

* Side Note: this isn’t real.  After we sent the (sarcastic) message out on Twitter, we were bombarded with inquiries about where to buy The infield Fly.  Does it make it more or less funny when people actually believe your satire?  We can never remember.

* Side Note #2: again, this isn’t real.  Please stop sending us hate mail, Atlanta fans.



  • Matt says:

    I think this is funny, and I AM an Atlanta fan.

    I think it would be funny too to create a “Turner Field Trash Can Cover” Just a plastic surround that snaps on to a standard 12′ round office bin. Ya know, for those times when you disagree with your boss, or the IRS wants to charge you more taxes. That way you can relive the infield fly by throwing your crap in the “Ted Can”

    • Zaki says:

      Matt, you can go fk yourself with your lame a$$ sarcastic comment. Worst part is, wasn’t even in the ballpark of being funny, not even close dumba$$

  • Johnny says:

    It might not be real, but I’d totally buy this. Of course, I wanted to buy a Shawn Chacon jersey and make Ed Wade sign it. On the other hand, that might have been the best signing in his career as a GM.

  • bob says:

    i would buy 3 of these – got some Braves fans at work. :)

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