The Jeremy Lin All-Stars – St. Louis Edition


The Jeremy Lin phenomenon is virtually impossible to ignore right now for a sports fan. Between the puntastic last name and the fact that he plays in the most self-absorbed sports market in the nation, Lin’s unexpected emergence over his last six games as a NY Knick has ESPN dedicating entire episodes of Sportscenter to him.

But, if you think about it, it’s not all together unusual to see a completely random name stroll into town and put on a show that makes that city’s fans swoon. It’s bigger in New York, but we’ve seen a few come through this town as well – for now we’ll call them the Jeremy Lin All-Stars…

Bo Hart
In June 2003, Bodhi stepped into the injury-riddled Cardinals lineup and went on a terror that even national media picked up. As a simple demonstration of the Bo Hart phenomenon, we present the comment made by the head of the committee who was attempting to bring the NCAA Frozen Four to St. Louis in 2003:

Yep, the “Bo Hart of college hockey” actually made sense once.

Jim Campbell
Campbell joined the Blues in 96-97 and pumped in 45 goals in his first 144 games. He scored another 14 total through 05-06 when he played his last NHL game. He became a cult favorite, even landing a commercial for a local bar where everyone yelled “Soupy!” when he walked in the door and for some inexplicable reason, I actually remembered that.

Just know that, even 15 years later, it wouldn’t surprise me to see him high fiving with Ray Vinson and Bernie Federko in the near future.

Rick Ankiel
After what he went through on the mound in front of the national audience years earlier, Cardinals fans were ready to give Ankiel a standing ovation for something as simple as not tripping when he came out of the dugout in August 2007. It was Rick freaking Ankiel – former pitching savant – going out to play right field. But the story became even bigger when he crushed three bombs in his first three games and kept the rampage going through the end of the season.

He left in 2009, but the next time you’re at Busch we guarantee you’ll see a few Ankiel jerseys in the crowd and there’s a pretty good chance those were purchased shortly after he made his triumphant return as a hitter.

Kurt Warner
We all know the story. Stocking shelves at the grocery store, dominating the Arena League, Dick Vermeil crying when he announced Warner was starting. Even so it’s still pretty stunning to recall the disappointment that most Rams fans experienced when Trent Green went down in the preseason and appeared to take with him any chance of the team finally becoming competitive.

Roughly 0.0% of the people in St. Louis believed they’d end up winning the Super Bowl. But after about 4-5 weeks of lighting up the NFL in 1999, the word “fluke” was permanently retired when referring to Kurt Warner.

Steve Moore
Yeah, this one may be a stretch, but Mizzou’s big man went from being the chubby kid struggling to keep up in Mike Anderson’s system in his first three years, to a legit seventh man on the #3 team in the nation. The fans have gotten on board to the point where the “Steeeeeeeeeeve” cheer that is broken out in unison whenever he makes a play, is expected to be heard at least a few times game.

Anytime you have your own signature chant from the crowd that has outlasted the initial gimmick phase, it’s a notch on your belt. And considering he’s lost like 75 lbs since his first year, Steve Moore needs every notch on the belt he can get.


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