The Memories are For Sale at Hrabosky’s Ballpark Saloon


It opened during the most dominant stretch in recent Cardinals history, a tin shed erected in the mid-2000′s that fancied itself a “saloon”, adorned with The Mad Hungarian’s name. Just a few years later, it faded away with a whimper, it’s doors locked with everything left inside except Hungo himself.

Nearly two years after it shut down, it’s inner contents are finally being auctioned off this week. 

While most of their inventory would have minimal interest to a sports collector – dirty kitchen equipment, empty propane tanks, old mop buckets – within this pseudo-episode of Storage Wars lies some hidden gems.  We got our hands on the auction list and pulled out those pieces that will stir the countless memories we all undoubtedly have of our times at Al Hrabosky’s Ballpark Saloon.

Remember that time you heard a drunken goon decide it was hilarious to rename logs of excrement after a certain Red Sox slugger…then whip out a yellow marker, etch it onto the crapper stall door to make sure his joke was front and center for all patrons of the bar?  Yep, you can buy that…

Let’s just say that if you get outbid on an artistic assembly of classic baseball cards featuring a certain player from the late 70′s, the person who outbid you has a name that rhymes with “Hal Trabosky”…

If you’re looking for a way to class up your living room a touch, this is always a good option.  They’ll look sweet next to autographed poster of Jeff Foxworthy you have hanging above the couch…

It’s one thing to get your hands on a photo of the Bill Buckner 1986 error that is signed by both Buckner and Mookie Wilson.  They’ve signed so many of those, you can probably pick one up at the local UGas. What you probably can’t get is the addition that makes this particular piece a one-of-a-kind…

We found this next one in the special category listed as “we have no freaking idea how or why this item is in the building, but if you want it, throw us a few bones and its yours”.  Maybe at some point over the last two years, a homeless guy who was infatuated with old naval equipment set up shop in here…

If you’re running the auction and you’ve got a choice between wiping this item clean and selling it as a generic chalkboard, or leaving it as is and selling it as a chalkboard with original artwork including a bold statement on the 2010 team, you always go with the latter.  That’s auctioning 101…

There is one way to pay tribute to Sign Guy: Lord of the Puns and its by clearing a space on the wall of your man cave and hanging up this beauty. The Ballpark Saloon did it. So should you…

Time is running out sports fans.  Don’t let them gut Al Hrabosky’s old bar without getting a shot a buying some of the memories you created there.  Maybe if you act soon, you’ll be able to snag that trash can you puked in after that one Cubs game you barely remember. 

Ah, those were the days



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