The Mike Matheny “HEY GIRL” offerings…


Those familiar with our tomfooleries on Twitter have probably seen the Mike Matheny “Hey Girl” cartoons that we’ve rolled out the past few weeks.

To recap, Mike Matheny is a dashing fellow.  We can agree about that.  Now, the “Hey Girl” internet meme began a few years ago by imagining the romantic thoughts going on inside the head of actor Ryan Gosling.  The internet is weird.  But given Mike Matheny’s rugged good looks, his appeal as the Cardinals manager and the copious amount of baseball puns out there, we decided to play ball.  Hey-ooooo.

Anyway, here are the Mike Matheny HEY GIRL cartoons that have been created to-date.

Many had requested a consistent location.  Women AND men, that is.  Weirdos.


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  • wcmarglin says:

    Guys the best on is the Clydesdale one you will have a hard time topping that one.
    I wonder if I could use that as a pick up line hmmm?

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