The Next Step in Photograph/T-Shirt Hybrids [CARDINALS]


On the FSN pre-game show yesterday evening, Jim Hayes interviewed the founder of a a dynamic new clothing company who produces “photo shirts” that are entirely based on high quality photographs from MLB games.

The company is Three60 Gear, one who deserves some credit for their strong presence developing clothing and accessories for cause-related entities.  That said, the shirt they had on hand to demonstrate at the Birds game last night was clearly the one that locals sports would gravitate towards.

If you have a desire to wrap your upper body in an Albert Pujols homerun celebration, Three60 has you covered, and I mean literally covered…

After seeing the unique technology that allows a piece of clothing to double as a true photograph, it immediately gets the mind racing as to how else this can be used to satisfy customers.  Perhaps in Three60 Gear’s future plans is the ability to select a distinct photo and have it turned into a one-of-a-kind t-shirt.  If that happens, I know what I’m going with…

One thing is for sure, Andy Benes will a jealous man.

UPDATE: Pictures from Sebek, who captured the aforementioned phenomenon in the wild.

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