The Only Thing Better than One Softball Field Outside Busch Stadium? Two Softball Fields.


On Wednesday afternoon, additional construction on Softball Village commenced.  Now, you may be asking yourself, “What the hell is Softball Village?”

In short, it’s that giant eyesore due North of the current Busch Stadium.  You know, the land that *used* to house the old Busch Stadium….and was *supposed* to house the commercial/residential juggernaut known as “Ballpark Village”?  For a number of reasons, the plan didn’t come to fruition.  Sure, it served a functional purpose (read: good place to loiter) during last year’s All Star Game festivities, but even so, we were told that the softball field was a “temporary solution.”

Well, it looks like “temporary” has extended itself.  From the looks of it, another softball field is going in at Softball Village – because, as we all know, nothing says commercial prosperity like dueling softball.

The other option is that the outfield grass is getting new sod – which still doesn’t really support the whole “temporary” plan.  Besides, there are very few games played on the field, anyway.

If there are no overweight, over-aged men to pull hammies on the field, do enhancements really matter?


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