The PUJOLS jersey to trump all PUJOLS jerseys.


If there’s one thing we do well at JoeSportsFan, it’s providing an outlet for ridiculous personalized jerseys.  It’s what we do.  We honor them by providing a platform and gentle analysis.  Fine.  Who are we kidding?  Sometimes it’s fundamental dissection of society with a metaphorical hammer over the head of the beholder.  But it’s all in good fun.

Since late December, St. Louis has experienced a surplus of superfluous Albert Pujols jerseys.  But fans of the red and white don’t burn jerseys.  After all, it still contains the hallowed Cardinals insignia and we can view a hearty trash can fire by looking North anywhere downtown.  Our vice is duct tape.  And lots of it.  We began posting modifying PUJOLS jerseys in Spring Training and it’s continued well into June.  Now, a home series doesn’t pass without someone sending us a photo of their latest creation.  We’ve provided fans a platform for this creativity and unintentionally spawned an organic competition to possess the best modified PUJOLS jersey.

But following this weekend, we’re sad to announce that this competition may be coming to a close.

What what happens when you take some of the finest past modified PUJOLS jerseys seen on…?

…and combine them into a cornucopia of #5-loathing excellence?


Outstanding effort.  It’s like the Voltron of modified PUJOLS jerseys.

It’s almost too nice.

If you see this man at Busch Stadium, shake his hand and slap some duct tape on his back.  You know, just for good measure.

(HT: @overkamp and @KevKop20)


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  • Elliot says:


    Thank you very much for this honor. I pride myself in wearing the caziest Cards gear I can find. Actually, I have come close to being kicked out of our beloved stadium on several occasions last season because the dollar signs were confused with S’s. However, I cannot take all the glory on this one. It wouldn’t be possible without the help of STL Custom Gear in South Coutny Mall. Just another fan from the Cardinals Die Hard Nation!


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