The sports apparel paradox in action


Ah, the Catch-22.  We’ve all heard the phrase coined in the 60’s novel by the same name.  We’ve all found ways to apply the basic logic-bending theory in any number of scenarios that we encounter, with our status as sports fans creating their fair share. 

In the sports context, the majority of the time this paradoxical situation arises, it’s found in chat boards filled with people going out of their way to talk about how a media blowhard is not worth talking about. 

But there are occasions when the same Catch-22 is established without saying a word. 

We present Exhibit A:


If a topic is so irrelevant that you feel the need to make a point about how irrelevant it is, are you indirectly making it relevant again?  In this example,  the departure of the previous Cardinals player who wore #5 is, as suggested by this jersey modification, “Old News”, then what might have motivated this fella to create the jersey in the first place? 

And if by our interpretation, the intended message being delivered is something to the tune of “move on, he isn’t even worth talking about anymore”, then why wear the jersey that undoubtedly makes a statement about a topic that the messenger has determined is unworthy of discussion?

Wait, are we furthering this paradox by mentioning it on the site?  Let’s just concede that us talking about it has confirmed that its only worth talking about it if we’re talking about how its not worth talking about. 

I’ve officially confused myself.  Just to be safe, I’m scheduling this post to auto-delete in 20 minutes.


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  • Brad says:

    tooo funny!! that is me and my jersey and i have a bigger story about how it came to be if you ever want to hear it!

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