The St. Louis Business Journal nailed their list of potential Tony La Russa replacements.


The St. Louis Business Journal is known for being extremely topical, timely and relevant as it relates to local business news.  Office whispers, corporate evolution, and who operates their nine-to-five better than the next guy, the STLBJ does it better than anybody.

But sports are hardly their expertise.

After Tony La Russa announced his retirement a few weeks ago on October 31st, the STLBJ joined the local chattering class and released a poll on their website, asking Cardinals fans who they thought would replace him in the Cardinals dugout.

No surprise, Terry Francona and Jose Oquendo led the voting, as they were the popular candidates immediately after news of the La Russa retirement surfaced.

Mark McGwire and Terry Pendleton were also noted, despite not being interviewed by the Cardinals for the position.  But we’ll give STLBJ a pass here because the poll was printed the day after La Russa made his announcement and the “official” candidate list has not been released yet.

But, Ozzie Guillen?

La Russa retired on October 31st.  Ozzie Guillen was fired by the Chicago White Sox on September 26th…but immediately hired by the Florida Marlins on September 28th.

This poll was released on November 1st.  Sort of strange to list him as a potential managerial candidate, no?

Of course, the only thing odder than the option itself is that 2% of the respondents thought is was a good idea.

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