The St. Louis Sports Weekend, in Pictures…


There’s no sense in us breaking down the Cardinals and Phillies match-up by using traditional means.  That’s not why you come here.  Instead, we leverage our digital friends across the information superhighway.  One of our best buds is named “Google”.  He’s simple in nature, but smart as a tack.

When we asked him to provide the first Google Image that he has in his back pocket for “philadelphia fan” and “cardinals fan”, respectively, here’s what he showed us.

Brilliance, Google.  You are stunningly accurate.


Now, let’s see what Google has to say about Cliff Lee, Philadelphia’s starter on Sunday night.  By all accounts, Cliff Lee is a nice guy who seems courteous and professional.  Our friend Google provided a much different stigma.


Chris Carpenter vs. Cliff Lee is the type of pitching match-up you would expect in October baseball.  Given the photo below, we would expect nothing less.  Although the Cardinals pulled off a pleasing victory on Sunday night, Carpenter got off to a rough start last night.  We could’ve guessed that.  In a comparison of old men wearing their respective jerseys, the Cliff Lee guy totally dominates the Chris Carpenter guy.

He’s wearing a jerseys AND ball pants.  Domination.


Since the point of this column is to describe local sporting event with very little words, we’re going to let the gentlemen below portray the emotion that ran through Philadelphia after the Cardinals evened the NLDS at 1-1 as the series heads back to St. Louis.

He looks like a very nice gentleman.

We’re told he only slings batteries at people he knows.  Hitting complete strangers with D-cells is sooo 2005 in Philadelphia.


The Cardinals and Phillies have at least ONE team from the East Coast, so surely we see the national media giving this series some attention after an exciting game, right?

Meh, guess again.


Legit rivalries have high amounts of love and hatred.  Appreciation and degradation.  We’re beginning to enjoy this Philadelphia/St. Louis match-up and we would love to see it turn into a legit rivalry.

Both cities have an affinity for Ryan Howard and both cities loathe the man below.  Rivalry.


WR Mike Sims-Walker had himself a doozy of a game on Sunday.  That is, if your fantasy league awards points for dropped passes.  Sims-Walker muffed three in the first-half alone.  Following the loss, Sims-Walker tweeted the following – which is ironic considering his Twitter avatar features himself catching a ball.

The irony is a little too much to handle.


A picture says many things.  Here, Sam Bradford looks bewildered as FOX shows a disgusting graphic that illustrates how atrocious the Rams OL has become.  Oh, and OC Josh McDaniels is picking his nose.

Yes, sometimes a picture can tell it all.





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