The St. Louis Sports Weekend, in Pictures…


With the Cardinals officially closing up their lockers for the 2010 season, the St. Louis sports weekend is bound to get a little leaner around this neck of the woods.  And no, that wasn’t a Dennys Reyes reference.

We’re going to count on the Rams and Blues supplying the majority of our post-weekend fodder, but promise to visit in with some nostalgic Cardinals moments during the downtime.

Won 20-3 vs. Seattle

Don’t tell me that Rams fans aren’t psyched to take over the NFC West.  They broke out their Lawrence Phillips jerseys on Sunday and will assault any man, woman or child that gets in their way.  That’s a promise.


After catching his first touchdown pass of 2010, WR Brandon Gibson immediately jumped into second place on the “Favorite St. Louis Athletes Named ‘Gibson’” rankings.


FOX sideline report Nischelle Turner walked out of the tunnel at halftime with St. Louis Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo and received an unfortunate present: a football to the melon.  Or shoulder.  Or something.  She wasn’t pleased; in real life…or on Twitter. (video here)


Referee Pete Morelli supported “Breast Cancer Awareness” month by rocking a pink whistle.  Some argued that this compromised Morelli’s position of authority, but we say a lack of machismo will never be in question with those orangutan arms.


Experts believe it was Seattle’s lack of professionalism that caused Sunday’s loss to the Rams.  Case in point: Matt Hasselbeck ripping off a rendition of the “Duck Dance” late in the third quarter.  There’s no place for that in this league, kids.


Early in the fourth quarter, Steven Jackson thanked the crowd at Edward Jones Dome for applauding his accomplishment of moving into second place on the Rams all-time rushing leader board.  Or, maybe he’s in first place.  Eh, who’s counting?


Won 3-0 (Friday), Won 1-0 (Saturday), Won 6-1 (Sunday) vs. Colorado

At the conclusion of Sunday’s game against the Rockies, KSDK promptly presented their “Player of the Game” award to broadcaster Jay Randolph.  And no, that’s not a Photoshop effort.  Randolph also threw out the first pitch before the game, which sits somewhere between “Aaron Miles pitching” and “Dennys Reyes doing anything” on the list of the Cardinals’ greatest physical achievements of 2010.


The final weekend of Cardinals games in St. Louis was a little cooler than most, but the Cousin Eddie fur trooper hat MIGHT be a bit much.


On the flip side, the weather was quite enjoyable for some, who took advantage of going “skins” at Busch Stadium one last time.


Lost the 30-Weave Course vs. Mako, an Australian Shepherd

This is me below, running the 30-weave challenge against a dog at Purina’s Incredible Dog Challenge this weekend.  More details/pictures coming soon, but long story, I lost.  Very very badly.  In front of many spectators.  Lesson-learned: mammals with two additional legs can swing their hips much more efficiently than their upright counterparts.  I suspected that going in, but dammit, my Shakira impersonation is second-to-none.


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