The St. Louis Sports Weekend, in Pictures…


In all seriousness, it was actually a decent weekend to be a St. Louis sports fan.  Well, at least prior to Sunday afternoon.

The Rams pooped all over themselves in Detroit, so the evolving excitement around their rebuilding effort reached a screeching halt.  But, that’s okay.  At the very best, they get back on track and win the NFC West at 5-11.  At the very best, they digress to the ’09 or ’08 Rams and we mock their existence relentlessly.  Your call, Rams.

We’ll enjoy either route.

Lost 44-6 @ Detroit Lions (Sunday)

2009 Nostalgia: last year’s Rams win at Detroit ended with an awesome Gatorade bath for Steve Spagnuolo.  For clarification sake, that’s “point and laugh awesome”, not “I’m really proud to be a Rams fan awesome”.


Prior to the season, Donnie Avery was listed as the league’s 51st-best wide receiver.  He was the Rams’ #1 guy.  He got hurt towards the end of preseason.  The Rams answered with Mark Clayton, who “starred” as a third receiver for the Baltimore Ravens.  He torn a patella tendon against the Lions.  Thus, it looks like the Rams are headed to a familiar place in St. Louis; a place that traditionally is stocked with soft-throwing starting pitchers.


Truth be told, the Rams were wildly unprepared for Sunday’s game because Assistant Coach Dick Curl was intimidated all week by three players on the Lions’ roster named “Johnson”.


New favorite St. Louis media member: Tony Softli, former Rams’ vice president of player personnel and analysts for 101 ESPN.  We have no clue of his industry merit, but that fake mustache is the best in the business, bar none.


Won 2-1 (OT) vs. Philadelphia (Saturday)

We’re not a fan of the new Brett Hull statue, which was unveiled before Saturday afternoon’s Home Opener.  No mullet on #16.  Tremendous oversight.  Not a fan of the stance, either.  Hull has his hands in the air, as if he’s getting robbed at gunpoint.  Although, depending on the time of night in front of Scottrade Center, that might be an accurate depiction.


Speaking of mullets, this fan showed up to the Brett Hull ceremony with a complementary wig.  He knows what’s up.  Oh yes, I have a new favorite local super fan.


Josh Duhamel is staring in a new movie called “Life as We Know It” opposite Katherine Heigl.  The movie is likely horrific, but in the previews, Duhamel rocks out a Blues hat.  A few others around town have noted as such, but some extra trailer searching reveals that there is some irony/humor around Duhamel’s cap.  More specifically, the baby drops a little soft-served in it.  Yuk.  Perhaps the producer/director is a Blackhawks fan?



Rick Ankiel hit a game-winning HR for the Atlanta Braves late Friday night.  Following the celebration, he called it, “The biggest HR of (my) career, by far”.  Good for Rick….and good for this young couple, who likely awoken Saturday morning in a warm, tender embrace.


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