The St. Louis Sports Weekend, in Pictures…


On Sunday, the Rams played the Eagles at The Edward Jones Dome and the Cardinals hosted Atlanta down the street at Busch Stadium.  Both games concluded without any major altercations, which is surprising considering Michael Vick and Tony La Russa were about eight blocks from each other.  Woof.


Back in late-March, we knew it was the start of Cardinals season when this happened.  On Sunday, we knew it was the start of football season when we witnessed a LAURINAITIS #55 jersey tucked into belt-less jeans.

Ah yes, it’s football season in St. Louis again.


Danny Amendola was one of ninety-seven different Rams players that were hurt on Sunday afternoon.  His official diagnosis is a dislocated elbow.  Given the picture below, I’m going to go out on a limb (hey-o, pun alert) and say this isn’t a day-to-day sort of injury.

We wish Danny the best luck in his recovery.  Someone with limited stature and an abundance of speed and whiteness is bound to get signed as a Cardinals 2B eventually.


Rams RB Steven Jackson suffered a game-ending injury during a TD run in the first quarter.  This paved the way for backup RB Cadillac Williams, who accumulated 145 all-purpose yards.  What’s a real shame is that his name isn’t Mustang GT Williams; he’d be a hero in St. Louis.


Arguably, the best thing about another football season is the presence of former Tony Softli from 101ESPN back on the scene.  He has the best fake mustache in the business.


Late Sunday, Joe Strauss from the Post-Dispatch reported that the Cardinals have signed Chris Carpenter to a two-year extension.  Many thought the Cardinals would let Carpenter walk, but the money seems reasonable and the extension makes sense.  It’s clear the organization is trying to secure all of the necessary pieces before selling their soul to Pujols in the off-season.

We’re guessing this K9 relationship is getting a little heated around the water bowl.


On Friday, the Blues announced that David Backes will serve as the team captain this season.  He absorbs the honor previously held by Eric Brewer, who was easily the most despised local athlete since JD Drew.  Now that he’s playing for Tampa Bay and has been relinquished from acclaimed team status, can we finally agree that anything with “Brewer” in the title sucks?  Okay, cool.



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