The St. Louis Sports Weekend, in Pictures…


Because it’s Monday and your brain is likely saturated with malted hops and your upper intestine is disintegrating from a weekend appetizer that contained buffalo sauce, we’re going to take it easy on you.  No stats or hardcore analysis.

Just pictures.

Plenty of them, in fact.  You can find the weekend recap here…or throughout the weekend in real time on our respective Twitter feeds.  Find my infectious wit over @MattSebek….and Bacott’s over at @JBacott.  Our banter is nearly as creative as those Twitter handles.  Trust me.

Lost 14-16 to Oakland

Fred Robbin’s penalty late in the fourth quarter squashed hopes for a Rams comeback in Oakland, but it was committed in the heat of competition. Peeing on quarterback Bruce Gradkowski in the process is just plain inexcusable.


Gradkowski.  Janikowski.  Suddenly, I’m craving kielbasa for dinner.  Or Kapowski.  Or both.


Ohhh…Rams WR Danny Amendola with a dirty uniform.  With that much grit, determination, heart and whiteness, we fully expect him to be playing 2B for the Cardinals next season.


Raiders coach Tom Cable loves to declare #69 as an “eligible receiver” just to hear it announced over the Oakland PA system. Guy loves a sleazy joke.


Oakland RB Michael Bush sat out Sunday’s game against the Rams – which dramatically affected our official pre-game recap.


Won 27-24 against San Diego State

When Michael Agnew lost his helmet late in the fourth quarter, one San Diego State cornerback decided to confirm what had previously been a rumor in their locker room: Mizzou has the best-smelling shampoo in College Football.


Won 14-4 (Friday), Lost 4-8 (Saturday), Won 4-1 (Sunday) against San Diego

You don’t get a chance to go skins at Busch Stadium in September very often. That’s why this guy took advantage.


Unconfirmed rumor: Andy Benes claims Fredbird has “quit” on this season. Ricky Horton agrees, but says, “low energy” is more accurate.


Win or lose, Tony La Russa always asks the tough questions.


Female softball occupied Busch’s Softball Village on Saturday. No Kiss Cam here, though. It’s too easy to guess sexuality.


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