The STL Fan Approval Chart: St. Louis Coaches


Coaching high level college or professional sports teams is a job with a pretty high turnover rate. As extravagant the paychecks are and as stressful as the day-to-day work is, there aren’t many “lifers” who settle down with one team and get cozy in their position.

At all times coaches are subject to heat or praise from the customers who keep the business thriving. It’s always fun to get a temperature as to who the fans are supporting and who they are piling on at any given time as the coach’s status can change on a dime. It’s even more fun when, instead of polling the fans in any way, you just grant yourself the authority to decide and then throw it on a graph, which is what I did for the STL Fan Approval Ratings as of January 5, 2011…

Mike Anderson – For Anderson to take Quin Snyder’s debacle and turn it into a Top 10 team is pretty impressive. To have a Top 10 team where the star is the “system” rather than a collection of NBA-bound players is even more impressive.

Steve Spagnuolo – As bad as they played Sunday, we’ll all take a step back and realize this team won more games this year than they had in the past three combined. Take another step forward in 2011 and Spags will be sitting pretty. Take a step backwards and, as Glenn Frey once told us, the heat will be on.

Gary Pinkel – His stubborness can be maddeningly frustrating at times but when going 10-3 at Mizzou can be associated with the word “frustrating” in any way, you know he’s successfully lifted the program from the dumpster it occupied throughout most of the 80′s and 90′s.

Davis Payne – Payne hasn’t even gotten a full season, so he gets an incomplete which lands him smack in the middle. Who knew the fans would miss the “we simply made the playoffs and then promptly lost” streak that the Blues had rolling for nearly three decades.

Tony LaRussa – If anyone has the status as a “lifer” who will dictate when he’s done here it’s Tony. But when the team doesn’t live up to expectations any given year, fans all collectively look in his direction with steam pouring out of their ears. (In Tony’s case, steam may pour out of his ears when he hears criticism, but his hair blocks it.)

Rick Majerus – Prediction: Rick Majerus will throw in the towel long before SLU becomes legitimately competitive again.

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