The Stubby Clapp School of Scrap


When the Astros minor league affiliate known as the Tri-City Valleycats hosted a group of school kids for a “special Monday morning Camp Day game“, manager and former Cardinal Stubby Clapp decided it was the perfect day for him to preach to the baseball youth what he specialized in.

As the Bible sort of told us, you can either tell a kid how to be scrappy or you can teach a kid how to be scrappy.

Stubby went with the latter when he unleashed a rampage on the umpires that was the managerial equivalent of a head first slide to break up a double play.  But while the language may not have been as clean as his image, don’t think that there wasn’t a subtle lesson plan under the surface.

He may not be a player these days, but what he demonstrated as a manager can certainly be translated to the field.  At least for those who qualify as a scrapper…

Soak up what you saw here today, kids.  If your last growth spurt leaves you a few inches shy of the six foot mark, don’t think it means you can’t make a living playing the National Pastime.

Stubby Clapp did it.  For 23 glorious days in 2001.

(For the video version, check this out)


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