Thanks to your support, the weekly JoeSportsFan Show podcast is now a reality.


On February 1st, we launched this shiny new website and a Kickstarter campaign to spearhead a weekly podcast centered around St. Louis sports humor.

We gave ourselves 30-days to collect a monetary goal that was established to offset costs associated with equipment, studio time and bags of Red Hot Riplets.   Thanks to your continued support, we hit our goal late Wednesday.  The first weekly episode of The JoeSportsFan Show will be unleashed the last week of March, just in time for baseball season.

First and foremost, we’re over the moon with gratitude for everyone that helped us promote and support this project.  Understandably, we have a niche audience.  But we know you’re out there.  We know that you’re passionate about the local sports teams, but operate with the understanding that sports are entertainment and the critical nature of coverage sounding it has gotten a little out of hand.  Sports talk can be enjoyable.  It can be creative.  We can work our asses off to make you laugh, instead of filling time based on presumed “chemistry.”  And it sure as hell shouldn’t be about who can scream the loudest or whose last name can be sold to the car dealership around the corner.  It’s about having fun.  At least, it is for us.

Our passion is to embrace that concept and build an online community around it.  We’re ready for it and we sincerely thank you for helping us realize its potential.

One of the unforeseen developments through this campaign was a discovery of St. Louis-based businesses that understand our direction and want to be involved in the aforementioned community; somehow, someway.  One of those businesses is Rawlings, who is headquartered in St. Louis and has been a fabric of professional, collegiate and amateur sports teams for decades.  Who among us didn’t sleep with a Rawlings baseball glove at least once in their childhood?  Guilty.

Many exciting integration points with Rawlings (and other locally-owned businesses) are in process, but we’re extremely excited to formally announce the first exclusive offer for our “insiders” – which can still be obtained through a $30 pledge to the Kickstarter campaign.

So, here goes: all JoeSportsFan insiders will be entered to win an MLB-grade, customized and personalized baseball glove from Rawlings.

Basically, you have the power to create your own glove.  Want a red mitt like Jaime’s?  Done.  Rawlings will find the red cows and make it happen.

Want to get your Twitter handle etched on it?  We’re cool with that.  So is Rawlings.

We’ll announce the winner on our first episode (tentatively) scheduled for March 23rd.

Again, a big (read: BIG) thank you to supporters and local businesses that supported and promoted this effort.  We’re extremely excited about the future of JoeSportsFan and hope you are too.


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