The Worthless Card Awards: St. Louis Edition


After spending our childhood believing that sports cards were the cardboard equivalent of a 401k, collectors from our era were forced to the realize that they will never be worth anything financially.

This day in age, their only value is the pure entertainment that comes with mocking them.  With that in mind, today we introduce the local version of a favorite, the Worthless Card Awards…

The Award for “Most times hitting the snooze button on his alarm during the regular season” goes to…

The Award for “Top prize in the 1992 ‘Kids Look Like Brett Hull Day’” goes to…

The Award for “Tight end who the Rams might actually consider starting this Sunday if they didn’t justifiably waive him in 2009″ goes to…

The Award for “Guy who was most adamant that Topps use a photo of him in a less compromising position” goes to…

The Award for “Former Cardinal most likely to join the cast of ‘Jersey Shore: Over 40 edition’ if it became a reality” goes to…

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