There’s a notable omission in the Busch Stadium grass…


Tonight’s Cardinals game against the Houston Astros marks the first home game at Busch Stadium since the field was deconstructed for the U2 concert on July 17th.  With the stage and approximately 8,000 concert-goers on the field for U2′s performance, the Busch Stadium grounds crew ripped up the existing grass and replaced it with spanking-new sod.

We’re told that the majority of the crew was extremely experienced with this type of overhaul, since most of the outfield sod had to be replaced anytime Chris Duncan played right-field.  Nevertheless, it was quite an overtaking.  Iterative photos of the progress here and here.

When the media arrived at the ballpark this afternoon, photos began to emerge of the revamped field.  This one via Derrick Goold of the Post-Dispatch…

Looking pretty snazzy.

But, there’s a notable omission.  Namely, the Arch design in the outfield grass that has been present since the ’09 All Star Game in St. Louis.

It turns out that this omission was no mistake.  With the Astros is town, the grounds crew used their lawnmower skills to gloat about the whole “Haha, Berkman is ours now” thing.

Outfield Puma.

Seems a little much, but whatever.



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