There’s no Obama in Canada; Rasmus tickled.


We get sent many photos; some of them weirder than the next, but all of them weird.  Hey, we have our place.

With Colby Rasmus on his way out of St. Louis, it’s time to post one of the more intriguing photos that has hit our Inbox over the past few years.

The photo was sent to us last August 29th with the email title, “Should’ve invited Colby to Glenn Beck Rally!!”

If you recall, August 29th, 2010 was the day following the Glenn Beck rally in Washington DC; a rally that was attended by Tony La Russa and Albert Pujols.

La Russa has been particularly closed about his political affiliations during his tenure as the St. Louis Cardinals manager, but needless to say, if he does lean towards Glenn Beck’s ring, perhaps him and the banished Cardinals CF didn’t have that many dissimilarities all along.

Dang, maybe we should’ve revealed this picture sooner.  It could’ve saved their relationship.

Meh, probably not.

UPDATED: people have been pleading for an update to the infamous Rasmus “Deal With It” graphic that we posted last year.  Ask and you shall receive.



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