This upcoming Matt Holliday bobblehead needs enhancements


Last night, our favorite superhero-loving sports columnist Derrick Goold posted a photo of the new Matt Holliday bobblehead doll that will be given away as a promotional item on August 28th against the Pirates.

We suppose it isn’t the worst bobblehead that we’ve seen.  Although, they’re all pretty terrible representations, so it’s kind of a moot argument.

What we do appreciate is when the bobblehead artist treats their subjects like charactertures, by highlighting their most recognizable aspects…instead of tring to mold inches of porcelain into realistic models of their human counterparts.

Tony La Russa’s bobblehead is a perfect example.  Does it look like him?  Who the hell knows.  It’s wearing sunglasses, has hair over his ears and there’s goddamn cat sitting by his feet.  That’s a bobblehead.

As such, the Matt Holliday is in dire need of some enhancements.  They missed out on some quality aspects.

Allow us to fix this sucker…


Now THAT’S a bobblehead.



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